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Yes, I'm alive


Yes, I know I don't post very often, but I needed somewhere else to fangirl besides Twitter.

Queer As Folk.
Season 1.
Episode 22.

Towards the end of it.
Brian turning up to Justin's prom. *_____*
Sooooo cute.

But then Chris fucking wrecked it in the car park.

/end post that won't make much sense.


Okay, so some of you won't care about this, but oh well.

I made mention to hysterichotel a few weeks ago, that Puck singing Queen would probably be fucking amazing. But the though of him singing it to Lauren Zizes turned me off a little.


Watching the episode now.

He starts singing Fat Bottomed Girls.

I am jizzing myself. And dying at the same time.

Mark Sailing is amazing.

A red electric guitar is an amazingly hot accessory for him.

Edit: Santana in camo. Drool.


Fan fic

Ok, help please dear LJers?

I want fan fiction recommendations.
Oneshots mainly, but I'll take chaptered if that's all you've got.

Tokio Hotel, Drarry or Puck/Kurt.


Dec. 31st, 2010

Stolen from mariesen, and I don't care that it's late. :3

On the twelfth day of Christmas, aries4eva303 sent to me...
Twelve missrock483s drumming
Eleven thesaltywenchs piping
Ten 7daysfics a-leaping
Nine etacanis dancing
Eight toastieghosties a-milking
Seven misskass a-swimming
Six thus a-reading
Five ta-a-a-attoos
Four skittles
Three adam hills
Two kaulitz twins
...and a music in a rainusia.
Get your own Twelve Days:

I am finding it hilariously funny that it says two Kaulitz twins. Good work generator. :P
I'm happy with five tatts, but why only four skittles? :(



So, how are we all dear LJers?

I'd like some help. My friend is having a Lady Gaga themed party in January and I need help deciding what to wear.
At the moment there's two options...

1. cache.interscope.com/images/local/500/1d88479f-1dd9-47db-9be2-8410c7385ad2.jpg This one I think I could do okayish. The make up shouldn't be too hard and I've got fairly dark hair that's long-ish, so I'd just straighten it to get more length. I'd also add more clothes. xD

2. cache.interscope.com/images/local/500/1e3850f7-2386-4756-818a-ca444b5f4188.jpg I think I actually like this one better. I've got a suit jacket + pants I could use. I just show less flesh in the middle. I'm actually looking for white gloves on eBay in another tab while writing this entry. I've found these and they may be as close as I'll get.

So, which one do you like better?
Any help will be appreciated.


Dec. 16th, 2010

So, another Tokio Hotel post.

I would REALLY appreciate it if they could stop finding ways of killing me every time they do something.


Then I finally got around to watching the THTV History vids tonight.
And I fucking swear. Do they want me to have a heart and tear ducts left by the time I'm old??? At this rate I'm thinking no. The history vids have killed me once more.

I think part three's been the worst so far. Scream was the first album I heard, then purchased from them a little over two years ago - so it has a special place in my heart. Bill's laugh on the aeroplane. I am so close to crying. And then they put footage from "Shopping With Bill." That has been my favourite THTV episode since I started watching it. Close to balling now? Yes. Ultra soft or Ultra strong? His accent. Me = ______

You know those fans we see who are crying at the concerts? I am seriously thinking that if when TH come to Australia, I will be one of them. Especially if they keep digging into my heart like they have been recently.

I know a said it yesterday, but I love our boys. So much.


On a completely different topic, this (see below the cut) stuck a hand into my guts, pulled the main ones out, squished them, then shoved them back in.

Love is a game for everyone...Collapse )
In other news that doesn't relate to fandoms, I finished my Christmas shopping today! Soo much money was spent. :| But I did get a couple bits for me. Some new dresses, just in time to wear for the celebrations. :D I might post some pictures in a day or two.

And even though it's probably not good for me, I've had H&S/Madchen on repeat again while typing most of this entry. Oh well. :)

Edit: I just realised. This entry probably takes the title of my longest LJ entry ever! :O

Dec. 15th, 2010

Having a Hurricanes & Suns and Mädchen aus dem All marathon on YouTube like yeah. XD

Only problem is, that even just listening to Mädchen makes me tear up. I come so close to crying when I'm actually watching the video. :|

I love our boys so much.


Just putting it out there that Kurt's version of I Want to Hold Your Hand breaks me sooo much.

I found a vid of it on YouTube a couple minutes ago, and started listening to it and was almost on the verge of tears.

I love it. Chris Colfer's voice is amazing.


So yesterday, as some of you have probably already seen, misskass & I went out and did some Tokio Hotel promo in our city of Melbourne.
We attacked with stickers & posters and we showed no shame.

If you click here, it will take you to Jessics' post about it, which has pictures. :)
Application for the SEEK ARIAs A-List Party Patroller vacancy, made by Fabulocity

GO, GO, GO!!!

The ARIAs are pretty much the Aussie Grammys & we want Flossa there, standing out with her blue hair and in a dress made of Tokio Hotel logos! Please vote & get all your friends to do the same.